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For running directly on your machine, please follow this guide.
Lynx has 3 parts:
  • The backend - Node.JS
  • The frontend - Vue + Vite, but builds to static HTML.
    • The backend will serve these files for you is the environment NODE_ENV is set to production.Lynx should now be accessible at localhost:3000​
  • The database - MongoDB


Set up a Database for MongoDB to use, here are some guides for each platform by Mongo:
Make sure it is protected with a username and password.
Your database does not need to be openly accessible (only from the backend), for best security practices make sure it is only accessible locally on your server.


You need git, node and yarn (via NPM) to build and run Lynx.
Clone Lynx:
git clone
Enter the Lynx directory:
cd Lynx
Rename .example.env to .env and set the environment variables to match your setup and requirements.

Build the frontend

Change to its directory, and then the frontend:
cd Lynx/frontend
Install the required dependencies:
Build the frontend: (It will create a dist folder in ./Lynx)
yarn build
Then go back to the main Lynx directory
cd ..

Run the backend

Install the required dependencies:
Run the backend
node .
Lynx should now be accessible at localhost:3000​
Now go to Post Installation


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